We focus always on providing top-   quality products as well as   excellent customer service. Sweet   and Soft provides environmental   friendly products that guarantee to   keep up with our customer’s   needs. Our sustainable initiatives   have helped us keep customers   happy; we found ways to increase   efficiency in our products as well   as being “green”. 


At sweet and soft we make sure that our tag labels are made of soft materials that assure parents that our clothing would not cause irritation on their child’s neck.

Our Products are highly qualified to meet our customer’s expectations. Our products meet the following product safety regulations for children clothing.

    No drawstrings that could cause entangled in any child’s activities

    Apparel non-flammable

    Baby proof. Baby safety against choking hazards

    Products are tested to guarantee that our sweaters, hats, and mittens do not       contain any loose knits

We at Sweet and Soft are committed in offering parents a trusted product that will help make their lives easier and simpler. Our main goal here at sweet and soft is product safety and customer satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at 855-727-2229, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.